Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1987-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore. Members of Beyond went on to play in Inside Out, Quicksand, 108, 1.6 Band, Shelter, Burn, Bold, Handsome, The Last Crime and Seaweed.

“I first heard about Beyond from John Porcell. He bought their demo dew it from Duane at Some Records on East 6th Street, and was raving about it. At a time when it seemed that any group of four guys with X’s on their hands and a Beefy T-shirt to sell could draw a crowd, dew it was powerfully imaginative and original. I immediately wanted them to open for Gorilla Biscuits, as did Youth of Today, Judge, Sick of It All, Insted, etc.

Originally, Beyond was going to make a record for Schism (Alex Brown and John Porcell’s fanzine-turned-record label), but Schism shut down before the album could get off the ground. Revelation toyed with the idea of doing their record, but Beyond couldn’t wait around. They were ready to tell their story and goddamnit if they didn’t call it No Longer At Ease.

By the time the record came out, Alan and I were living in an apartment in Jackson Hts., Queens with Civ and Toby Morse, so I was getting daily updates about Beyond. Though they were more popular with each show, they were also falling apart. For starters, Vic was going away to college in San Diego. Losing Vic got the ball of destruction rolling. Next, Tom took on the task of replacing John Zuluago in Bold. Alan saw the move as a conflict of interest and the feuding began. This was the end.

Had the record come a bit earlier, the momentum of the band might have kept Vic in New York. And, if Vic had stayed, Tom may not have been as interested in the last legs of Bold, which in turn would have kept Alan and Kevin happy. Then maybe Beyond would have been huge as they were meant to be.

Though, had that happened, Vic wouldn’t have met Zack out in San Diego and started Inside Out, which eventually led Zack to start up RATM. Likewise, if Beyond had stayed together with Alan on drums, Burn wouldn’t exist, which means Orange 9mm wouldn’t either. Without Tom, there wouldn’t be the first Shelter EP, and Bold would have probably broken up. Without Bold, no Into Another which means Underdog would probably have been huge too. If Beyond recorded, stayed together there would definitely not be Quicksand, I would not be writing this, we wouldn’t be putting this out, and Porcell would be rich off their album. Good riddance ya pricks!

The songs, which includes the original demo, sum up the short life of Beyond (1988-1989), a great, brief, unrequited hope for hardcore.

Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forget the Streets.”

-Walter Schreifels, from the liner notes for the Some Records release of No Longer at Ease