Before there was ever a 108, Inside Out or Quicksand, there was Beyond. And in 1988, Tom Capone and I took our seven song demo recorded in our hometown of Holbrook, NY and brought it to Some Records on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. From there, everything took off. 

WHAT AWAITS US, A Beyond Story is a documentary that, not only chronicles the history of the New York Hardcore band, Beyond, including our origin, our adventures and our demise after recording what is now considered an iconic record, but also depicts my journey from New York to California as I try to figure out where Beyond fits into my life today. 

The film includes interviews with members of the band, along with interviews with members of Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Judge, Burn, Bold and more. 

I hope you enjoy the film. It took a lot of work to complete it, but it was also a shitload of fun.

-Kevin Egan, writer/director-WHAT AWAITS US: A Beyond Story, singer-Beyond